6 Stoner Essentials for the Summer of 2017

6 Stoner Essentials for the Summer of 2017

Summer!  Yay!  One of my favorite times of year to enjoy weed outdoors with my friends.  I am not sure what I love the most…the backyard barbecues, the festivals, the street fairs, the outdoor concerts, the hiking, the swimming….I could go on! Regardless which one of those activities is your favorite, you can be certain that these 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017 will suit your needs.  Enjoy!

The Blackrock Originals Safety Case

This case is completely outfitted and smell proof and is so compact it can fit in any small bag and is perfect for camping, hiking, or anything on the go really.  The basic kit/case Includes 1 Stainless Steel Grinder Card, 1 Hitter Pipe, 1 Poker Tool, and 3 Silicone Containers that can be used for flower or wax. The case has a carbon filter, which works by absorbing smell particles inside the case and the tape sealed zipper restricts airflow, making the case smell proof. Thoughtful design and high quality materials conceal your stash in plain sight, and your favorite vaping and smoking accessories will fit perfectly alongside the custom components that are included.

blackrock safety case

Ozone Socks Laced Weed and Weed Camo Socks

We tend to think of socks as more of a fall or winter item, but they are so much more fun when worn with shorts in the summer!  Not only is the design beautiful on these socks, but Ozone Socks are also made from the highest quality natural cotton fiber which offers strength and breathability.  The seams and designs are all knit into the socks and I can attest that they feel amazing!  Definitely one of the 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017.

ozone socks weed socks

The Genifer M Modern Leaf Pendent

This necklace is perfect for concerts, festivals, rooftop bars, or just he backyard cook out with friends.   This trendy but elegant solid 14kt gold pendant is modeled after a single cannabis leaf, a symbol of the growing field of legalized marijuana. This pendant comes with a beautiful 14K gold, 16″ luxury chain!  It is a stunning piece of jewelry with the smooth outline of a stylized sativa leaf and really stands out.  Plus…what a great conversation starter!

Genifer M modern pendant

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

You heard me rave about this product in my Mother’s Day article, but I just can’t tell you how much I love it.  The Dipper is by far the easiest, most discrete, and sleekest way to consume cannabis concentrates.  You can use this for dabs anywhere from a camping trip to an outdoor concert to a day at the river.  It fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily packed away in a small bag or purse or even a pocket.  The Dipper (essentially an electric nectar collector) is a unique and multi-functional concentrate vaporizer like I have never seen before. and has truly changed my life as a regular cannabis consumer.  Truly impressive and definitely one of the 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017!!

Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

Glass Packaging by Pollen Gear

You may recall seeing this product in a recent article we posted about cannabis storage design, and they are so classy and well versed for different cannabis products that I had to include it here as well.  The Pollen Gear glass collection brings superior design to child-resistant packaging to preserve the quality of premium cannabis product. These patent pending, custom glass jars are ideal for display & storage.  All packaging is air-tight, smell-proof, & water-resistant to maintain product freshness.  Also, these patent pending glass jars are made from the highest quality glass and fully recyclable polypropylene lids.  Perfect for any summer stoner outing where you want to bring you stash along, or for storage at home.

Pollen gear cannabis storage

The VIE Vaporizer

This vaporizer was made specifically for vaporizing dry herbs on the go and is of very high quality for the price point.  Device safety and ultimate user experience are driving forces for VIE, therefore this product has been thoroughly tested to meet strict electronic safety standards, strict material standards using food grade materials, and strict quality standards. All the while providing top performance in an small portable device that fits in your jeans pocket.  Perfect for any summer stoner day trip, walk in the park, or just some down time at home.

summer stoner

Enjoy the summer, and these 6 stoner essentials for the summer of 2017!


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Studies offer conflicting conclusions on marijuana legalization's role in car crashes, fatalities

Studies offer conflicting conclusions on marijuana legalization's role in car crashes, fatalities

Hours after one study connected legalized recreational marijuana to an increase in car crash claims, a second study claimed legalization played a less certain role in motor vehicle fatalities.

A study published Thursday afternoon in the American Journal of Public Health concluded that in the three years since Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, motor vehicle crash fatality rates increased but were “not statistically different” as compared to those in eight comparable states that had not legalized cannabis.

Early Thursday morning, the Highway Loss Data Institute reported that legal marijuana states Colorado, Oregon and Washington had collision claims rates that were 2.7 percent higher than those rates in neighboring states in the three years since legal sales began.

Although the first-of-their-kind studies landed at differing — and critiqued — conclusions, researchers and industry members alike did come to a consensus on one aspect: More research is needed.

“We believe that an increase in claim frequencies did occur in these state when retail sales began,” said Matt Moore, senior vice president with the Highway Loss Data Institute. “There is a range of results that indicate there’s a need for additional work here.”

The AJPH study was based on U.S. Fatality Analysis Reporting System statistics from 2009 to 2015. Researchers compared year-over-year changes in motor vehicle crash fatality rates — on a basis of per-billion vehicle miles traveled — to rates in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

Those control states, which have not legalized medical or recreational marijuana, were selected because they exhibited similar traffic, roadway and population characteristics to Colorado and Washington, researchers said in the report.

Prior to legalization, the crash fatality rates were comparable between Colorado and Washington and the control states, according to a draft version of the report provided by the AJPH to The Cannabist.

In the three years after the voter-approved 2012 legalization, researchers noted a difference-in-differences coefficient of 0.2 fatalities per billion vehicle miles traveled — equating to 77 excess crash fatalities, or 2.7 percent, of 2,890 total (and nearly 38 million person-years of exposure), according to the report.

“We do not view that as a clinically significant effect, but others might disagree,” researchers wrote in the report.

Dr. Jayson D. Aydelotte, the lead author on the report, could not be immediately reached for comment Friday or to provide the full report, including supplemental appendices showing additional analysis.

Mason Tvert, spokesman for advocacy group Marijuana Policy Project, said he needed to investigate both studies further, but said legalization’s potential impact on automobile incidents is a complex issue with no simple answer.

It’s a “fool’s errand”  to attempt to conduct before-and-after analysis of legalization’s effect, he said, noting that certain data were not being collected prior to legalization.

“I don’t want to minimize the issue — I think it’s an important issue that needs to be studied,” he said. “Thus far, these studies suggest opponents’ concerns about a doomsday scenario have not materialized; and there’s a need for continued studies.”

Trade group Cannabis Business Alliance didn’t mince words in its criticism of the Highway Loss Data Institute study, claiming that it was “just another attempt to incite reefer madness.”

Interpretations of data aside, statistics tracking the potential effects of legalization are a preliminary baseline in these early years.

Data showing increases in arrests of people suspected of driving under the influence of drugs in Colorado can be misleading, said Mark Bolton, marijuana adviser to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Following the 2012 passage of recreational marijuana legalization Amendment 64, the state increased funding to train officers on implementing new roadside tests and procedures.

Additionally, while drivers may have THC in their system, it’s less certain to know what extent they’re impaired, he said.

And data do suggest that roadway fatalities have increased between 2013 and today, but those come with caveats as well, Bolton said.

Traffic fatalities in Colorado have been on a six-year rise, according to Colorado Department of Transportation data released earlier this year. The state agency tracked 605 deaths on Colorado roadways in 2016, an increase of 11 percent from the prior year.

Officials did not cite one specific cause for the increase in fatalities, noting contributing factors could include distracted and impaired driving, low seat belt use, and motorcyclists not wearing helmets or other protective gear.

“At least for now, it’s something we’re trying to continue to monitor,” Bolton said.

The Highway Loss Data Institute has initiated a large-scale, case-control study in Oregon to further delve into how legalized marijuana might be affecting the risk of car crashes with injuries, Moore said, adding that his organization will continue to research this topic.

“No single study is ever definitive,” he said. “This is a complex problem, and we’re going to continue to study it.”


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Vermont marijuana legalization rests in hands of House Republicans

Vermont marijuana legalization rests in hands of House Republicans

MONTPELIER, Vt. — The fate of a bill that would make Vermont the ninth state in the country to legalize the recreational use of marijuana is uncertain as lawmakers consider whether to approve a revised proposal after their first effort was vetoed by the governor.

Proponents have been working with the administration of Republican Gov. Phil Scott administration to address a number of the governor’s concerns with the original proposal so it could be passed during a veto session beginning Wednesday.

But the proposal can’t be passed unless minority Republicans in the Vermont House agree to suspend legislative rules so it could be considered this week. It’s unclear whether they’ll do that.

The proposal would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana on July 1, 2019.


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Product Designer Goes from Mainstream Consulting to Cannabis Storage

Product Designer Goes from Mainstream Consulting to Cannabis Storage

When product designer Ed Kilduff’s Kickstarter campaign earned him ninety thousand dollars, he asked his supporters what they used the product for. “After coffee and tea, the most popular use was for weed,” says Kilduff. His invention, EVAK—the smell-proof, glass storage container that vacuum seals—was perfect for storing cannabis, and his next idea was born. His mission: make it child-resistant.

An admitted lover of the herb, Kilduff took his talents to the cannabis space. He spent three years developing a line of child-resistant cannabis storage products—EVAK-style jars, “pop-top” containers, and zipper bags. He had everything ASTM-certified, and then launched Pollen Gear to house it all under one brand.



Kilduff is no stranger to the art of invention. He’s been experimenting with design since childhood, when his father passed away, leaving him a garage full of tools and machinery. Kilduff’s early tinkering became a lifelong fascination with all things mechanical. He eventually attended Carnegie Mellon University, studied industrial design, and then went on to consult for brands like Starbucks, Nike, and Reebok.

When he was twenty seven, he co-founded Pollen Design, where he designed the popular Rabbit Corkscrew line of wine accessories. He then co-created Prepara, an upscale kitchen gadget brand that now sells in 35 countries. In 2013, he began tinkering with food storage, which led to his ingenious and wildly popular EVAK products. Over the years, kitchen gadgets treated Kilduff well, and his success bought him some time to reflect. “I was contemplating my next move,” he says. “I was sick and tired of housewares.”


Ed Kilduff invented the popular Rabbit corkscrew wine accessory before moving into Pollen Gear and cannabis storage.

With EVAK’s surprise audience, it was clear he had an untapped market with cannabis storage, and being a cannabis lover himself, Kilduff was excited to have this new focus. “I’m a big fan of the flower and always have been,” he says. “I live in SoHo, Manhattan, a thriving creative community. Most of my friends are artists, engineers, and designers like myself—many of whom love and appreciate marijuana.” So, he went around and got EVAK into headshops and medical dispensaries. People loved the product, but they wanted the containers to be child-proof—and that one tweak pushed Kilduff in a whole new direction.

cannabis storage

“There’s a huge market for lower cost, well designed, child-resistant weed containers,” Kilduff says. It was a crossover between counterculture and mainstream, and from a business standpoint, it was a great opportunity. He traveled to Colorado and met with some of the country’s top cannabis lawyers, who helped to pass that state’s recreational cannabis law, Amendment 64. They loved the idea, but like Kilduff’s beta testers, they were concerned about kids.

Ed Kilduff

Ed Killduff

There were plenty of cannabis storage products already on the market, but none of them were certified child-resistant. “Overnight an industry was born of weed packaging importers.” Kilduff says. “But for the  most part, these were all existing products manufactured overseas and rebranded. Nobody said ‘I’m going to create marijuana packaging.’ It was like virgin snow.”

Pollen gear cannabis storage

Kilduff spent from 2015–2016 inventing, identifying issues, and improving the product. He finally settled on a design that performed all the functions of EVAK, but with a truly child-resistant lid. “My number one criteria: make it impossible for kids and easy for seniors,” he says. What’s more, he wanted it to be fun to use, so he designed the lid’s air valve to cause an audible pop when opened. And this was the beginning of Pollen Gear.

With such a green light from the cannabis community, Kilduff expanded Pollen Gear to include other child-resistant versions of popular weed storage containers. He now offers smell-proof ”pop-tops” that won’t accidentally open—even if kids stand on them, and heavy-duty zipper bags that “lock” in the closed position.

And there are many other unseen ancillary businesses that help to make modern cannabis what it is today. Master grower and owner of Cascadia Gardens in Washington, Dave Scheibner, says, “We wouldn’t be where we are today without our ancillary partners. From Kush Bottles to the people who do our labels, to Apeks, who makes our extractor, to our HVAC installer. These companies are like the people who sold shovels during the gold rush, and these genius, engineering minds have allowed us to take cannabis to a whole new level.”

Author Bio: Will Kersten is a freelance cannabis writer, based in Bellingham, Washington. He has a knack for attracting and discovering fascinating, driven people who challenge the status quo—not unlike cannabis itself. More than anything, he loves to tell the stories of the daring and inspiring individuals who make the cannabis community thrive. Find out more at www.willkersten.com.


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Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein Senate and House committee appearances live blog

Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein Senate and House committee appearances live blog

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is scheduled to appear before Senate and House Appropriations subcommittees to discuss the Justice Department’s budget. He will appear before the Senate committee at 10 a.m. ET and the House one at 2 p.m. ET. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appear before a Senate intelligence committee hearing at 2:30 p.m. Eastern.


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Volcano Vaporizer Review: The Best Desktop Vaporizer in Today’s Industry

Volcano Vaporizer Review: The Best Desktop Vaporizer in Today’s Industry

There are two kinds of vape enthusiasts.

First, you have the recreational users.

These are the individuals who usually use the vaporizers to relax during their free time.

Then there’s the second type of users that make use of vaporizers medically.

In the past years, there are a growing number of people who are using their vaporizer as a medical device. With changes in legislation, you now have a growing market of medical cannabis users in need of vaporizers that can deliver THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

But let’s admit it. Times have changed.

And no matter what type of vape enthusiast category you fit in, there’s a rise in the number of people looking for high-quality vaporizers.

And what do vape connoisseurs go for?

Vape connoisseurs look for excellent vapor experience regardless if it’s for a medical or recreational purpose.

But unfortunately, not all vaporizers can give you this.  Then, there’s the Volcano.

The Volcano vaporizer has changed the landscape of the vaporizer industry. It has set the bar of what vaporizers should look like and how it should perform. And it is the device that has successfully surpassed expectations since the early 2000s.

What’s The Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is a vaporizer made by one of the best vaporizer companies today, Storz and Bickel. It is the same German company that made the Mighty, Plenty, and Crafty. And over the years, Storz and Bickel kept the Volcano as the top product for both desk and portable vaporizers.

Despite the age of this model, The Volcano is still considered as the gold standard of vaporizers in the industry. The Volcano, over the years, has been known for its user-friendly design, durability, and great overall performance.

As for its appearance, it has a pyramid shaped construction for stability when placed on the table. Though you may hesitate to purchase the Volcano vaporizer,  mainly due to its hefty price tag, it is definitely something worth investing if you are a serious vape enthusiast. It’s one of those items that you simply can’t live without once you tried it.

What exactly makes it so special?

For starters, it is made of the best materials. It makes use of stainless steel and durable medical grade materials that ensure the cleanliness of its output. It is also the type of vaporizer that provides you with options whether you like using a balloon or a tube when vaping.

The vaporizer has been designed to reach an optimum temperature for vaporization. And an evidence of such is the clean taste that you get from the vapor. Though the device will be cycling on and off, you can guarantee that you are not getting off the optimum temperature zone with the Volcano. According to experts, you can expect that the device won’t be off by 5 degrees from the optimum temperature zone.

Also, the vaporizer offers options for different vaping preferences. It caters to both herbs and concentrates. And the good news is that regardless of what you actually prefer, both equally taste good on the Volcano vaporizer.

As mentioned earlier, the device can be attached to either balloon or pipe. And what exactly does it mean? Vaping enthusiasts can enjoy vaping alone, or they can even have a bag that can be passed around with friends.

Digital vs. Classic Volcano

By 2007, the Storz and Bickel decided to improve the Volcano by releasing a digital version of the superb vaporizer. Are you still trying to compare which one is better? Maybe, you haven’t decided yet whether or not you are switching from the classic analog Volcano to the digital version?

Here are some key differences that you need to know:

The first thing that you might notice about the Digital and the Classic Volcano is the price. The newer version is pricier than the already expensive Classic Volcano. If the Classic Volcano costs somewhere around the $500 range, you can expect the Digital version to be somewhere around the $600 to $700.

What makes the Digital Volcano much expensive than its predecessor?  One of the things that make the Digital Volcano better is precision. With its digital controls, you can input the exact temperature and get exactly the heat that you want for your herbs.

One of the things that make the Digital Volcano better is precision. With its digital controls, you can input the exact temperature and get exactly the heat that you want for your herbs.

Next, the Digital version also has a new and improved auto-shutoff feature just in case you forget that you are still using the device. This feature helps preserve the heating element and to save energy in the process.

Does it make the Classic an obsolescent version of the Volcano?

In truth, this isn’t really the case. The Classic Volcano works just fine. You can still expect high-quality sessions with the Classic version, it’s just that Storz and Bickel found a way to even improve the already impressive design of the Volcano. In addition to this, you will hear some connoisseurs to actually prefer the older version saying that the Classic Volcano is actually a much more dependable vaporizer because of its durability.

In case you’ve purchased the Digital version though, you have nothing to worry about since the warranty is going to cover for all of this.

For the additional $130 to shift from Classic to Digital Volcano, is it worth it?

In reality, for the slightest difference between the two Volcano Vaporizers, it isn’t really worth it. If you have the resources to burn, not to mention a taste for something hip, then, by all means, you should go for the Digital Volcano.

Easy and Solid Valve

Aside from the digital and the classic versions, you also have to decide whether you like the Solid or the Easy Valve version.

In case you are wondering which system suits you better, there are only main two points that you will need to consider.

One, do you want a maintenance free option? Second, do you like to save money? Unfortunately, you can’t choose both a maintenance-free and economical option when choosing between the Easy and Solid Valve Volcano Vaporizer.

Still confused on what to choose?

Let’s take a closer look at the solid and easy valve to know the pros and cons of both options.

The Solid Valve is made up of high quality and durable stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic. One of the perks of choosing solid valve is the customizable balloon size options. The Solid Valve offers a higher quality chamber and mouthpiece than the Easy Valve.

It is also the type of valve that will allow you to save a good amount of money on maintenance. However, you have to deal with the fact that you have to clean it regularly.

On the other hand, there’s the Easy Valve option. This system is best known for its maintenance free design perfect for people who simply want to vape and not worry about anything. However, though users save a lot of time from cleaning the vaporizer, it costs more yearly to have this system. It costs around $25 yearly in contrast to the $5 to $10 per year cost of Solid Valve.

How Does The Volcano Work?

What makes the vaporizer such a great device that produces the highest quality vapor?

If you are still wondering by now, Storz and Bickel simply did everything correctly.

For instance, they’ve offered a large heating area that allows the herbs and oils to get heated evenly. By the time you decide to use the device, what you get is a consistent vapor that feels perfect. And with excellent temperature control, you can guarantee that the material doesn’t get burned. And because of this, it isn’t surprising why The Volcano is used in some parts of the world as a medical device.

It is also a highly versatile vaporizer. Unlike other vaporizers that only allows you to stick to one type of vaping method, this vaporizer offers the best of both worlds.

Are you the type who shares his or her sessions with friends? Or are you the vaping enthusiast who loves warm vapor on your sessions?

This vaporizer offers both a balloon and a whip method.

Balloon method has become highly popular not only for people who shares his or her sessions but also for people who love to cool their vapor first. Once the balloon has been filled, you can take it out of the Volcano and latch the mouthpiece for your enjoyment. When using the balloon method, just make sure that you are not going to fill it up too full since it could burst.

To make the Volcano from filling the balloon, simply hit the green temperature button right in front of the vaporizer.

Also, make sure that you are taking out the ingredient chamber when you are not filling the balloon. If not, you can easily burn your entire supply. Though you don’t have to turn the system off, you still have to get the herbs and oils out in between sessions.

Whip method is another way to enjoy the Volcano’s exquisite vapor. Though it isn’t as good as the balloon method in terms of taste, it does offer some perks such as being able to control the vapor better. Also, if you are tired of passing the balloon to your friends, the Volcano allows up to 4 whip attachments all at once. In fact, you don’t need to also remove anything to enjoy your session.

Temp settings and how to use it?

The Volcano can be considered an extremely user-friendly vaporizer. Though it does look a bit intimidating at first, using the device even for the first time is quite a breeze.

To use the device, you need to press the heat button. Next, you will have to wait for around three to five minutes before the device reaches the temperature that you want for your sessions. If you are using the Classic Volcano, you can make use of the operating dial that ranges from 1 to 9. Each number represents a specific temperature. As for most users, they usually start getting the right taste once the setting hits 6.

On the other hand, if you are using the Digital version, the Digital Volcano has an LCD display that reads the preset temperature you are currently using for your session. To adjust the temperature, you will need to press the “+” and “-” buttons to get to the right temperature.

Of course, there are a number of things at play when it comes to the vapor quality that you are going to get from your device. From how fine you grind the herbs, to the type of herbs and oils that you use.

It is also worth mentioning that the Digital and the Classic version have different temperature spectrums. Though both can only go as high as 446°F, The Classic Volcano can only be set as low as 266°F while the Volcano Digital can dip as low as 104°F.

Does it make a huge difference? For most people, it really doesn’t matter since most users don’t go lower than 300°F to enjoy their sessions.

How exactly do you get the best results?

For starters, it is highly suggested that you pick the best quality herbs and oils. Next, you can start on lower temperature settings. Once you notice that you are not getting but hot air, you can then move the setting up by turning the temperature up slowly. This method prevents you from burning your material, not to mention you can also compare the vapor from different settings.


You probably won’t find a better vaporizer than the Volcano today. In fact, regardless if you prefer the digital or the classic version, it doesn’t really matter. The same goes which system you’d like to have whether you prefer the easy or the solid valve system.

Why use the vaporizer? Volcano provides the ultimate vaping experience that meets both the requirements of recreational and medical users. It is also compatible with both balloon and whip methods giving you different options to enjoy.

And though it is quite an investment, you pay for what you get. It is made of high-quality parts designed for serious vaping connoisseurs.


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What Do Legalized Marijuana Laws Mean for HR Professionals?

What Do Legalized Marijuana Laws Mean for HR Professionals?

As more states legalize cannabis with either medical or adult-use/recreational laws, the topic of cannabis use in the workplace is increasingly more timely.  What do legalized marijuana laws mean for HR professionals?  We recently posted an article about this that was specific to mental health professionals, but let’s explore what this means for the bigger picture of employers.

According to The Rochester Business Journal:

Some states, including Arizona and Delaware, prohibit an employer from terminating an employee due to a positive drug test for marijuana. Laws in Arizona, Delaware and New York allow employers to enforce workplace policies prohibiting employees from using drugs on the job. While not addressed in all state statutes, it seems very unlikely these laws would be interpreted to allow an employee to work while impaired by marijuana. But determining whether an employee is impaired on the job can be a challenge, as marijuana is metabolized differently than alcohol and current drug tests are unable to determine whether use occurred in prior hours or days.
Numerous states that provide for medicinal use of marijuana, however, do not prohibit employers from taking adverse action against employees for off-duty permissible marijuana use. In California, for example, an employer does not have to accommodate an employee’s off-duty use of marijuana, even if it is for medicinal purposes, and could terminate an employee for such use.

Arkansas legalized medical marijuana this past election cycle and many employers there are navigating this space for the first time.  The Northwest Arkansas Democratic Gazette reports:

Steve Clark is chief executive of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce and a former Arkansas attorney general. Clark said states that legalize marijuana send a mixed message to employers, who can be expected to err on the side of caution and maintain drug-free workplaces.  He added legislators failed to clarify many workplace issues such as what happens in workers’ compensation cases. If someone is injured at work and is prescribed marijuana instead of a pharmaceutical painkiller, does the employer have to pay for his medical treatment. For business, the safest course will be to pre-empt the question by insisting on a drug-free workplace, he said.

Up until this point, federal law enforcement officials have adopted a “hands off” policy in states where marijuana has been decriminalized. However, newly appointed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicated he’s considering reversing that practice.


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Mama P’s Grinder: Build To Last – Expert Review

Mama P’s Grinder: Build To Last – Expert Review

Can I be honest with you? 

The best vaping experience doesn’t just come from your vaporizer.

You’ve heard the advice a million times,

You need to have the right accessories to get the best vaping experience.

If you are tired of making a mess when prepping your herbs, it’s time that you explore the Mama P’s Grinder.

Mama P is a brand known for its high-quality grinders that you can use for your vaping needs.

The company is a five-time cannabis cup winner and is popular for their award-winning products.

Mama P’s classic grinder received the 1st place for Best New Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Detroit in 2012.

Not only are Mama P’s grinders popular among random recreational cannabis users, their innovative products have also received praises from the medical community as well.

They’ve won the 2012 Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup for the Mama P’s Wholesome Grinder.

Apart from the different grinders, they are also known for other cannabis related products.

They are the makers of the first only magnetic lighter. They also have water pipes, and pollen presses to name a few. What this means is that they have the ability to create out-of-the-box ideas using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Mama P is one of the brands that still manufacture their products in the US.

In fact,

They inspect each product no less than 10 times before it reaches circulation. Considered even by connoisseurs as one of the top companies in the US, Mama P implements top-notch materials on all of their grinders such using 100% aircraft grade aluminum on their products.

They also made it a practice to make use of a 60-micron titanium screen that ensures uniform sized herbs to pass through once the herbs have been churned by the grinders’ teeth.

The Good

There are a lot of positive things that can be said about Mama P’s as a company.

In today’s day and age wherein companies would most likely purchase from Alibaba and rebrand these items as their own product, Mama P took the effort to do their own research and build their grinders in the US.

And for this reason, they’ve been able to provide high-quality products above the usual products that you would see in the market.

They are also known for providing products that are known for their durability.

They’ve made products with high-quality materials including aircraft grade aluminum that can withstand a good amount of grinding sessions.

Also, Mama P specifically made their screen replaceable and easy to clean. Made not of your typical stainless material but of titanium, you can take it out whenever it already becomes messy.

And if you are the type who is taking cannabis for medical reasons, might as well pair your high-end vaporizer with a Mama P’s grinder.

The Bad

There are not a lot of bad things that we can say to a multi-awarded company that brought us some of the best grinders in the business.

So what are the things that customers usually don’t like about Mama P’s grinders?

If there is anything that the company can improve on, let’s take a closer look at the price. Yes, their grinders are more expensive than your average grinders.

However, let’s admit that you pay for what you get.

As a multi-awarding company that produces grinders that can surpass any of its competitors, you just can’t expect anything cheap from this company.

Design and Performance

Classy, durable, and efficient are just some of the things that can describe the usual Mama P products that you see in the market. The design of each grinder is known for its durability given that the company made use of the very same aluminum used on aircraft. It is said to have all the elements of what an all American made product is all about.

In terms of its performance, it offers precision by providing the right sized herbs for each user.

And if you think that they are simply offering the usual herb grinders, they also have the likes of a 1-inch mini herb grinder. It can even be placed on your neck and fit your fashion statement.

If you are a fan of making the most out of your herb, Mama P doesn’t disappoint. The four piece grinders made by the company also has high-quality stainless steel mesh that allows you to maximize the kief for later use. It has 60-micron holes in order to make sure that only the finest excess goes into the compartment where the kief is stored.

Sharp diamond shaped teeth can efficiently grind down the herbs into small pieces. And as long as you are placing the ideal amount of herbs on the grinders, you can expect nothing but the high-quality output from Mama P grinders.


Maintenance is another thing that you will love about the medical grade Mama P grinders. Aluminum is not only a great option if you like grinders that can last the usual wear and tear; it is also an easy to clean material that guarantees the clean herbs for every session.

You can also remove the titanium screen for easy cleaning. And if it is time to replace the screen, you can easily get a new one preventing you from changing the entire grinder.

Different Types of Mama P’s Grinder

Mama P’s Classic Herb Grinder

The Classic Herb Grinder by Mama P is probably the most popular product that came from the company.

This product is a four stage herbal grinder that gives you the chance to enjoy not only the herbs that have been grounded but also the kief.

It offers an easy to clean and durable material that you can use for years.

In terms of performance, it is also easy to use the grinder. It is best known for its ergonomic design and even praised by people in the medical cannabis industry. It was made to function with minimal friction that caters to users that have mobility concerns.

The 60-micron screen filter made of titanium is also what makes the product a great choice. You can easily get a new one for this screen if it already needs replacement due to wear and tear.

Mama P’s Custom Two Color Herb Grinder

If you prefer grinders that are out of the ordinary, Mama P’s Custom Two Color Herb grinder is probably the best option that you can go for. It offers a chance for users to express their personality with these hand painted grinders. According to Mama P, this makes no two Custom Two Color Herb Grinders have the same design.

It isn’t just about the looks. It has been viewed by some of the most respected figures in the vaping industry including High Times Magazine and was even dubbed as the “world’s best grinder, period”.

The Neodymium magnets is a cool feature that holds the herbs in place, to make sure that everything is air tight inside the unit.

There are few interesting features that you rarely see from the other products:

It has an ashtray that can hold a pipe and Lighter mate lighter.

It also offers replaceable titanium screen. Making sure that you can simply get a new screen once it has been ruined or gets funky from regular use. And because of Mama P’s confidence to its product, it has a lifetime warranty.

Mama P’s Exclusive Color Herb Grinder

Mama P’s Exclusive Color Herb Grinder is another stand out product from the company. For starters, it makes use of the same aluminum used on aircraft. Similar to Custom two Color Herb Grinders, this product also has room for a pipe or a Lighter mate lighter.

It also offers smooth grinding operations and a removable titanium filter.

This filter can come in handy in its maintenance or when having a new screen.

And if you opt to use the herb grinder as your herb container they cover it too.

You can rest assure that its magnet can keep the materials air tight to maintain maximum freshness.

Final Verdict

In terms of reputation and products in the market, Mama P is undeniably among the best out there.

They provide the best grinders that caught the attention of vape enthusiast and even by medical cannabis industry users.

It says a lot that they have won many prestigious awards given to exceptional products for the medical cannabis niche.

Mama P Grinder is the perfect product if you are looking for:

  • An all American-made product
  • Great quality
  • Can produce the best results.

Unfortunately, their items don’t come cheap.

But is it really worth it?

If you are the type of vaping enthusiast who prefers the cleanest vape experience, consider their products as a good investment that can last for years.


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It took the Trump Administration just a month to turn Obama-era drug policy on its head

It took the Trump Administration just a month to turn Obama-era drug policy on its head

My third son, William, was born on April 28. I’ve spent the past month or so getting to know him (thanks, Washington Post’s generous parental leave policy!), and not paying much attention to federal drug policy.

As it turns out I missed quite a bit. In the month of May alone, the Trump administration, particularly Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department, steadily ratcheted up its tough-on-crime rhetoric and put in place some policies that give that rhetoric some real-world bite.

You may have missed them too, as many of the decisions were made with little fanfare, and all of them came amid a steady string of revelations about Russia, Paris, Comey, Kushner and even covfefe. Here’s a recap of everything that happened while I was out changing diapers.

Mandatory minimums are back

The big news last month was a memo from Sessions directing federal prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalties possible for any crime, including drug offenses. That means more mandatory minimum sentences for federal drug crimes, a policy that the Justice Department administration had backed away from under President Barack Obama.

In the latter years of the Obama administration, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. had instructed federal prosecutors to seek less severe prison sentences for certain nonviolent drug offenders. Sessions’s directive reverses that policy.

The net effect of the change is that more people will be going to federal prison, reversing a decline in the federal prison population in recent years. Sessions laid the groundwork for this in February when he directed the Justice Department to start using private prisons again to “meet the future needs of the federal correctional system.”

Sessions defended the move as a “key part of President Trump’s promise to keep America safe,” citing a recent uptick in homicides in some cities.

But the best available research suggests that harsh prison sentences do little to deter crime. Sessions’ own Justice Department, citing decades of research, states that “sending an individual convicted of a crime to prison isn’t a very effective way to deter crime” and that “increasing the severity of punishment does little to deter crime.”

Indeed, imprisonment often has the opposite effect, according to the DOJ’s research division: “Inmates learn more effective crime strategies from each other, and time spent in prison may desensitize many to the threat of future imprisonment.”

A drug war hardliner is reevaluating federal marijuana policy

One of the key architects of Sessions’ sentencing memo was Steven Cook, a former federal prosecutor and a lifelong hard-liner on criminal justice issues. Cook is now considering changes to policies governing marijuana and civil asset forfeiture, according to the Associated Press.

While Cook didn’t give away any details of his agenda, he told the AP that “when you put criminals in prison, crime goes down.” As noted by the Justice Department research above, Cook’s formulation is simplistic and largely inaccurate.

“Steve Cook thinks that everyone who commits a crime ought to be locked up in jail,” said Bill Killian, a former U.S. attorney who worked with Cook in the past.

Marijuana use remains a crime at the federal level, regardless of what state regulations say. The Obama administration chose to largely ignore state-level legalization efforts. If Cook intends to reverse that approach, even partially, it could prove disastrous for the country’s $6.7 billion legal marijuana industry – to say nothing of the 33 million adults who use the drug.

Trump signals possible trouble ahead for medical marijuana

For several years now, the Justice Department has been prevented from aggressively targeting medical marijuana operations in states where they’re legal due to a provision, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, included in omnibus spending bills. The amendment simply states that the Justice Department cannot use federal funds to interfere with the operation of medical marijuana programs in places where they’re legal.

That provision was recently renewed through Sept. 30. But in signing the spending bill it was attached to, Trump added a twist: a signing statement indicating he would “treat this provision consistently with my constitutional responsibility to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Prior presidents have used such statements to ignore or undermine policies they disagreed with. If Trump were to do so on medical marijuana, it could set up an awkward showdown with one of his staunchest allies in Congress: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), co-author of the amendment.

For his part, Rohrabacher doesn’t think that will happen: “It would be a huge waste of his time and money, and why would he do that?” he told the Orange County Register last month.

The DEA continues to wage war on marijuana, regardless of what the research says

At a speech at the Cleveland Clinic last week, Drug Enforcement Administration acting chief Chuck Rosenberg reiterated his belief that “marijuana is not medicine.” This flies in the face of decades of research into the effects of marijuana use, most recently outlined in a massive report by the National Academies of Sciences, Medicine and Engineering.

Rosenberg said that any potential medical application of marijuana should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But such approval is nearly impossible to obtain because of the drug’s strict regulation under federal law, creating a Catch-22: Marijuana is tightly regulated because it has no accepted medical use, and it has no accepted medical use because it’s so tightly regulated.

A rhetorical escalation

In the past month, leading law enforcement figures have been deploying some of the apocalyptic anti-drug rhetoric that characterized much of federal drug policy in the ’80s and ’90s. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein recently gave a chest-thumping speech before DEA employees, calling them “warriors of freedom” who were fighting an epidemic that is laying waste to society. Demand for illegal drugs is creating “a cycle of death and despair,” he added.

Sessions, meanwhile, has been attempting to tie drug use with the rise of violent crime in some cities. “We know that drugs and crime go hand-in-hand,” he said recently. “Drug trafficking is an inherently violent business. If you want to collect a drug debt, you can’t file a lawsuit in court. You collect it by the barrel of a gun.”

At another speech in West Virginia, Sessions warned of opiate-dependent babies who “scream inconsolably and suffer from tremors, vomiting and seizures” and who are “at risk for developmental and health problems throughout the rest of their lives.” The language echoes the early ’90s panic over “crack babies” that turned out to be largely unsubstantiated.

Trump admires a dictator’s brutal anti-drug crusade

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has encouraged his constituents to kill drug addicts and has overseen a bloody anti-drug crusade that’s resulted in thousands of deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers and groups operating extrajudicially.

In late April, Trump called Duterte to praise his drug war and invite him to the White House.

“I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem. Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that,” Trump said.

Trump’s budget proposes deep cuts to addiction treatment

Medicaid provides coverage for substance abuse treatment for roughly one-third of all Americans dependent on opioid drugs.

Trump’s budget would cut Medicaid nearly in half by 2020, jeopardizing substance abuse coverage for the roughly 2.3 million opiate-dependent people who use it.

That change is of a piece with the administration’s general views on drug use – a crime to be policed and punished, rather than a public health problem.


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American Legion calls on Trump to take cannabis off Schedule I to help vets

American Legion calls on Trump to take cannabis off Schedule I to help vets

America’s largest veterans service organization has a message for President Donald Trump: Reschedule marijuana to permit research into its medical efficacy for treating vets suffering from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The appeal by the American Legion was included in a letter sent to the White House last month. The letter requests a meeting with Trump to discuss critical veterans’ issues including opiate addiction and suicide, and calls on the Trump administration to “clear the way for clinical research in the cutting edge areas of cannabinoid receptor research,” according to portions of the draft letter shared with The Cannabist.

“It’s time the federal government took action to remove barriers to scientific research on this very important subject,” said Joe Plenzler, American Legion Director of Media Relations, in an email to The Cannabist.

Under the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis is listed alongside heroin, LSD and ecstasy as a Schedule I substance — the strictest of classifications, defined as having a high potential for abuse and no “currently accepted medical use.”

The American Legion’s request is an attempt to extricate the federal government from a “policy Catch 22,” said Louis Celli, the organization’s national director of veterans affairs and rehabilitation.

“On one hand the government claims that there is no federally approved scientific evidence to support cannabis being used in a medical environment, so they refuse to consider reclassifying it,” he said via email. “And on the other hand they refuse to permit scientific research because it’s a Schedule 1 substance.”

American Legion officials stress that they are not advocating for marijuana legalization.

“Rather we are advocating for re-scheduling so that more research can be done,” said Plenzler. “That (research) will enable our elected leaders and the American people to have a national discussion on the matter based on scientific evidence.”

The American Legion has received feedback from many veterans who report access to medical cannabis has been “effective” in helping them cope with issues such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Plenzler said. He called those afflictions “the signature wounds of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Some veterans have told me that access to cannabis is the very reason they are alive today,” he said. “Others have told me that they have been able to come off of every other pharmaceutical that they have been prescribed. Certainly, this is anecdotal evidence, but it is compelling.”

The American Legion’s request that marijuana be reclassified doesn’t come as a complete surprise. At its national convention last August, the group passed a resolution urging the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to license privately-funded U.S. medical marijuana production operations to enable “safe and efficient cannabis drug development research.” The resolution also calls on Congress “to remove marijuana from Schedule I and reclassify in a category that, at a minimum, will recognize cannabis as a drug with potential medical value.”

Last December, Legion officials met with then President-elect Trump’s transition team to lay out top priorities, including the reclassification of marijuana so that quantifiable medical research can be conducted.

In addition to the American Legion’s advocacy, there are efforts underway in Congress to allow veterans safe access to medical marijuana in states where it is legal. The Veterans Equal Access Act, introduced in the House of Representatives earlier this year by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, would authorize Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care providers to give recommendations and opinions to veterans regarding participation in state marijuana programs.

The VA states on its website that while some states have approved the use of marijuana for medical and/or recreational use, the department is “required to follow all federal laws” regarding cannabis.

Veterans taking part in state medical marijuana programs should therefore be aware, the website states, that while they won’t be denied access to VA healthcare, the VA doctors and clinical staff will “record marijuana use in the Veterans VA medical record along with its impact on the Veterans treatment plan.”

Among the groups supporting the American Legion’s call to advance research on medical marijuana is the newly-formed Veterans Cannabis Project, a nonprofit organization educating veterans on the benefits of medical marijuana while also promoting cannabis industry career opportunities available to them.

“Medical marijuana is a political issue. It is a legal issue. But most important, it is a health issue that is playing an increasingly significant role in the quality of life for America’s veterans,” said Nick Etten, the group’s executive director and a former Navy Seal, in an email. “In their request to seek support from the president to clear the way for expanded clinical research of cannabis, the American Legion is once again demonstrating, as their membership consistently has for almost 100 years, the leadership required to ensure that neither partisan politics nor failed policy will impede safe and effective treatment options for those who have served us.”


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